How To beat The Holiday Bloat

Did you over indulge this holiday season?  Did you dive face first into a plate of cookies?  Perhaps you slid down that slippery slope of skipping your workouts for napping after a huge holiday dinner.  Whatever you did this past week to derail from your health and fitness goals it does not define you.  Get up and Move!   Here are some quick tips to get you back on track!

 Seven Ways to get Your Groove Back and Lose That Bloat:


  • When in Doubt Sweat it Out! Performing any activity that makes you sweat is a great way to relieve your body of excess water. It will also give you a great energy and attitude boost.  It’s a perfect way to really get you out of that lazy holiday funk.
  • Choose Your Foods Wisely. There are foods that can aid in your detox and then there are unlikely foods that can sabotage it.  Fill up on watermelon, pineapple, and papaya and other high in water fruits. This will help flush out your system.  Refrain from eating cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and yes even kale! The fiber content in these vegetables will only make you bloat more.   
  • Drink Water…Lots of Water! This will aid in flushing out your system from toxins and all the excess salt you may have consumed at that holiday party
  • Enjoy a Cup of Hot Water and Lemon. A piping hot cup of lemon water ignites your digestive system, while aiding in flushing out all the toxins you placed there during your holiday celebrations.
  • Get a Grip on Your Portion Sizes. Holidays are a time of food, family and friends, and did I mention food?  Chances are you have been eating larger portions than you are used to.  Nip that in the bud! It larger portion sizes (of any food healthy or not) that can make you feel fluffy.  Make sure you are keeping your portions in check.
  • Throw away those Leftover Cookies! High fat and High Sugar foods can aid in bloating.  Even those “healthy” artificial sweetners can keep your tummy from looking its best. Keep your snacks full of those high water fresh fruits if your are craving something sweet.
  • SLEEP! Regular sleeping patterns help regulate your metabolism, and keep you feeling your best.  Ensure that you are getting between 7 and 9 hours of shut eye every night.

Now with these tips get yourself back on track!  Don’t let a little holiday ruin your hard work, and start your new year with a bang!


-The Fit and Nerdy

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