Hidden Diet Sabotage

You have started down the road to healthy living.  You are working your butt off at the gym, and your diet is on point.  Awesome!  I want to take a moment and discuss what you will soon notice come out of the woodwork.  The dreaded “Diet Villains” that will disguise themselves as the people closest to you .  What am I talking about?

 Does this sound familiar?

Have you been at work with your Tupperware lunch, and a coworker comes up with brownies and practically shoves one in your mouth while saying “Come on! One bite won’t hurt you!”

Hidden Diet Sabotage!


You’re out with a group of friends eating your salad with no dressing , cheese, or bacon and your best friend gets in your face with her greasy plate of fries and shouts “Boo!  You’re boring! Live a little!”

Hidden Diet Sabotage!

These people may not be intentionally trying to be evil, but there are many reasons why they are so rudely trying to sabotage your success.   The main one being they are just plain “Peanut Butter and Jealous!”  You are doing something that they feel they can’t succeed at.  

It’s important to be upfront about your goals.  People may be annoyed if you continue to talk about it, but if they continue to force feed you food, or comment on your lifestyle they are going to have to deal with it.

Jealously is not the only reason a person may subconsciously try to derail your fitness goals.  If this is a new endeavor your friends and coworkers may just not understand why they sudden change.  They know you as the person who is always up for cake, or staying out late partying and indulging in one to many adult beverages. 

If you want to succeed at your newfound passion, you need to reevaluate some relationships in your life.  If being known as the “Party Girl” is no longer what you want, you may just realize that you don’t have much in common with your current crew.  That being said, your friends might just need someone like you to show them that they too want to start a healthier lifestyle, and your bond may grow even stronger!

Since my journey has started I have met so many amazing people that make my lifestyle so awesome and fun.   I have a great support network that has naturally grown over the last few years.   Your positive energy will attract positive like-minded individuals. 

Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult in itself, and I have heard it all both at the professional and personal level.  “You know you can have a cheat meal…”  Oh I can?  Oh my!  I had no idea thank you so much for opening eyes to the fact that I can have gross bowling alley pizza.  A Coworker told me that they need to have a serious discussion about how to properly live life…when I sat down with my “stinky” tuna fish lunch I packed for a meeting.   I travel a lot for work and It is always a challenge to stay on track, but with diligent planning, and determination you WILL SUCEED. 

You just have to be prepared not only with your Tupperware but your mental state as well.   Do you and keep your eye on the prize! Watch out for the Hidden Diet Sabotage lurking in the tall grass!

Best Wishes

-The Fit and Nerdy


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