Ladies, Ladies, Ladies… Do You Even Lift?

Well? Do you even lift?

If I did a squat every time I heard a girl say, “I don’t want to lift weights because it will make me look bulky.  I Just want to tone up a bit” I would have the best ass in the world.  It is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard.  Another great one is, “I want to lose weight but I don’t want to lose my curves.”  Insert over exaggerated eye roll here.   Ladies! If you want to have the best curves you could ever imagine, and actually tone your body, lifting weights is the way to go.  Here are some of my favorite reasons why:

Metabolism: Cardio Bunnies spend hours on the elliptical and sure they burn a lot of calories, but as soon as they step off that machine that’s where the calorie burning ends.  Lifting weights will keep your metabolism working overtime.  Even while you’re sleeping!  Who wouldn’t want that?  To put it simply, the more muscle one has the more calories one is burning while doing absolutely nothing!

Bangin’ Curves:  Women will not gain muscle like men because, they are in fact not men! Shocker!  All hormones are not created equal.  Women do not produce testosterone like men do.  When women lift weights, even heavy weights they reshape their bodies, and they get curves that those Cardio Bunnies can only dream about.  That female body builder that women fear are supplementing with hormones to achieve their desired physiques. 

Sassiness:  That’s right ladies; you will get yourself a whole new brand of swag.  There is nothing more bad ass than knowing that you yourself are a bad ass.  You feel incredible, like you can take on the world and whatever it throws at you.  This new found confidence comes from multiple aspects of lifting.  Your body image of yourself changes, you know you look good.  This is because your jeans tell you so.  Also when you just killed a workout, and set a new personal best, you feel so strong, and no one can take it away from you.   This is my personal favorite, and I wouldn’t trade my confidence for the world.  Is it cocky?  No.  You work hard to achieve these goals, and you deserve to rock it!

Overall Awesomeness:  Once you start killing it in the gym, everything else in your life just starts falling into place.  The confidence you gained overflows into other areas in which you may have been slacking.  You more or less subconsciously get your shit together. Once I set goals for myself in the gym, I stopped drinking completely, and I began waking up early every day.  I started performing better in my career, and it gave me the drive I needed to finish my master’s degree.  It comes down to “Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.” 

If you want to look, feel, and act like a super sexy bad ass, then my recommendation to you is, pick up some weights, and get started!


Don’t rush into this, make sure you have some direction so you do it right and don’t hurt yourself.  Don’t know where to start? Email me so I can send you in the right direction. 

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