Suffering from the Winter Workout Blues?

Me trying to dig out my car so maybe, just maybe I will be able to get to a gym soon!

Me trying to dig out my car so maybe, just maybe I will be able to get to a gym soon! The Winter Workout Blues in full effect!

I am writing to you all in multiple layers of sweatpants, covered in a giant blanket with my very hot cup of black coffee.  Saying it is cold outside is an absurd understatement.  Gaining the momentum to workout, let alone get out of bed is a mental battle that I am dealing with day in and day out.  I would love nothing more than to hibernate, and eat lots of yummy snacks.  Let’s face it; gaining an extra layer of blubber would only make it easier to brave the frozen tundra that lurks beyond your bedroom.

While I am vegging out on the couch avoiding the snowpocalypse, I will catch myself looking back at my pictures of the summer months and reminiscing how healthy and awesome I felt.  That is one motivator that gets my booty into the snow and out to the gym.  Don’t get sucked into the gloomy dark, and extra comfy winter hibernation aka the Winter Workout Blues!  Here is a little motivation to get your groove back regardless of the unfortunate weather we have been dealt.

Soak up Some Sun! – Not literally of course, I am not condoning you fake and bake.  Grab yourself a Vitamin D light, also known as a “Happy Light”.  These lights trick your brain to think that you are enjoying some good ol’ fashion sunlight.  Turn it on 15 minutes before hopping out of bed in the morning, it will boost your mood and give you the energy needed to take on your day.  It will make it easier to cope with lack of actual sunlight on these short winter days.

Depend on the Motivation of Others – If you set up a scheduled workout with a friend it will make it harder to skip out on it.  You don’t want to leave a friend hanging.  Plus you can motivate each other before and during the workout.  There is power in numbers!

Make Yourself an Offer you can’t Refuse – If you can’t get off the couch to work out by yourself, it may be time to bring in the big guns.  Put your money where your laziness is.  Pay someone in advance to train you.  No one wants to lose money.  Just knowing that you are throwing money down the drain skipping out on a training session will make that much harder to blow off.

You are What you Keep in your Fridge – Perform a kitchen makeover.  Keep an abundance of healthy food and only healthy food in your house.  This will keep you from mindlessly snacking on not so healthy options.  Not to mention that even if you are craving something unhealthy chances are you’re not going to leave the warm house to get it.  I know I wouldn’t. 

Just keep your Eyes on the Prize!  The Winter Workout Blues will be over soon. Remember, Summer Bodies are Built in Winter!

Stay Strong, Stay Happy and Stay Focused this Winter! Spring is coming!

Stay Strong, Stay Happy and Stay Focused this Winter! Don’t give into the Winter Workout Blues… Spring is coming!












-The Fit and Nerdy

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